Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bobby DeBarge-It's Not Over (1995)


That's right—the good tunes are never over here at "The Music Spectrum", and this latest treat proves that there is still so much throwback music from the 90's that is out there waiting to be discovered or re-discovered. Well in my case, it was both. I didn't recall ever having enjoyed listening to the solo works of Bobby DeBarge, despite me being knowledgeable about his accomplishments while performing with the legendary family soul/r&b group called DeBARGE back in the 80's. So then, Bobby's first, last and only album, "It's Not Over", provided me with a chance to groove to some brand new tunes, and my good time of music-listening got jump-started right away with the opener that's entitled exactly that: "Good Time". Actually, I tuned in to the instrumental first, for some reason; I guess I really was in a chill-out mood at the offset, the fluid tempo bringing back fond memories of the old-school r&b days. That feeling was heightened when I played the proper opening track and had some lyrics to go along with the music. And that's when I recalled how suave of a vocalist that Bobby was, especially when he sings that 'you turn me on' part over and over after the chorus. And he's even better on the poetically epic "Something About Your Loving", where there's something about the chords of the music that sparks my senses an attracts my ears in addition to the sweet jazzing up on the sax in later movements and the charming rap he concludes the song with in the final movements. Yet his maximum vocal versatility isn't showcased until he's heard on "Taste Of Your Love". I really like these pieces with the stilled, stop-tempo beat and backing instrumental ambiance as the only music, as they always highlight these soulful singers well; here, Bobby shows off his vocal range, repeatedly hitting that high note flawlessly! "Never Meant To Hurt You" awakens my senses as well; there's a delightful, sunny air about the music already in the beginning, and the crisp, r&b/pop beat and Bobby's words of sincerity only add to the all of the goodness. "Feel Real Good" is a very good candidate for your next 'Slow am Of The Night". It's a simple groove about a man who is willing to do anything for a woman's love, but once again, it's a simple song that really shimmers! And then there's "Like Heaven", which I suspect I actually may have heard many times before. Something in the chorus has a distinctive flow that struck me, the part that goes 'even a plain damn fool can see, just how much you mean to me'. And the fact that "Like Heaven" too gets some sweet jazzing up on the sax instrumentals means that it's one I gotta preserve on one of my playlists of favorites:

1. Good Time
2. Let You Know
3. Never Meant To Hurt You
4. It's Not Over
5. Thief In The Night
6. Something About Your Loving
7. Taste Of Your Love
8. Feel Real Good
9. Like Heaven
10. Good Time [Instrumental]

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