Thursday, April 12, 2018

Colin England-Out Of Control (1993)


On the heels of making a great music choice this past Sunday night with the South African quartet called CHOSEN, I followed that up with a second great music choice last night while I was in the mood for some throwback new jack swing from the early 90's. My latest discovery is Colin England, who becomes the latest 'unsolved music mystery' to be added to my ever-expanding case files. Well at least there's little information that I myself could access on him; I'm sure those who had the opportunity to listen to this guy could relay additional details and fill in the blanks about his singing career. For the moment, my investigation so far has turned up two solo albums with Colin's sophomore effort, "Out Of Control", being the one I chose as my music-listening companion for forty-five minutes of my Wednesday evening. Actually, it ended up being about closer to an hour, because I had to enjoy two good helpings of an excellent song that I nearly deemed as my latest 'Slow Jam Of The Night': "You Took My Love Away". I say 'nearly' only because of the negativity of the title and the accompanying lyrics. Because usually, I only award that 'Slow am Of The Night' title to a song that is positive and beautifully romantic in addition to having the sublime, soulful vocals an that super-chilled, just-right-for-the-bedroom groove and all of the other delicious ingredients that good slow jams are always comprised of. Either way, "You Took My Love Away" became my #1 favorite, and that's even with me getting my kicks out of the opening dance jam, " No 1/2 Steppin' "—where I would get formally introduced to Colin and his soulicious vocals and the brilliant swing beat production—and everything else upbeat that sparked my senses and brought back the feel-good days of the new jack swing era: "Come Over, Baby", "24/7", "Can I Touch You?" and one I really like, "I'll Do Anything" (again, it's these simplest of songs that always seem to make for the best listens). There's a couple of songs where Colin's vocals are particularly impressive: "Bring Me Love", which has a heavenly, airy glow with its stilled, ambient instrumentals as the earnest lyrics speak of removing all sadness and replacing it with gladness, and "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word To Say", which is one that keeps you hooked with its nice and long extended groove and the ear-pleasing display being shown off by whatever skilled musician is on the piano/keyboards:

1. No 1/2 Steppin'
2. Come Over, Baby
3. Out Of Control
4. You Took My Love Away
5. Bring Me Love
6. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word To Say
7. 24/7
8. Can I Touch You?
9. I'll Do Anything
10. What's On Your Mind?

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