Wednesday, April 18, 2018

John Davis-Still Be Loving You (1990)


Got another goodie to share from the treasure trove of golden oldies! Despite the fact that I'm a huge music lover of anything from the 80's and the early 90's, I was recently surprised to learn about this John Davis guy and his connection to the infamous German r&b duo which the world came to know as MILLI VANILLI. The connection is a really simple one: John being one of the true MILLI VANILLI voices! Well it seems he'd already proven himself to be a true singer when, according to the music catalogs, he released a very rare LP called "Joker"; this second and final solo project, "Still Be Loving You", definitely reinforced that notion, as my ears and I gathered from the wondrous listen of it that I enjoyed last night! Already, the very first track served as my latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day': a breezy and oh-so-sweet pop/soul version of "Who Do You Love?", which I'd actually heard for the very first time by the 90's dance trio, NO MERCY. Knew there was something familiar wen I heard the recognizable 'who-who, who do you love?' delivered by the backup singers in the chorus. So then, is John the original performer of this song with NO MERCY performing the dance cover of it? While I ponder on that, I got another question for you: "How Can You Know (When You Love Someone)"? While a lot of us are still trying to answer that age-old question, this album's eighth track explores the task of looking for all of the signs that you really care about somebody romantically. Yes, it's a simple theme for a love song, but what particularly draws me in is the production: the sweet, sunny sound of the chords, the perky synthpop beat and especially the light, happy woodwind that flows along with the music. In fact, it's that whole pop-friendly, easy-to-get-in-to sound of the good ole 80's that made me like a lot of these songs: the bouncy and cheery title track, the delightfully mellow story about a past childhood girl named "Mary", the dancey pre-90's house jam that is "We Can Work It Out"..... Track #6's "Break Away" does differ from the rest of the pack with its funky and super-catchy energetic dance beat and John's gritty vocals replacing the more smoother side of him presented on his other songs. Speaking of smooth, that is exactly what "Live Your Life" is—a deliciously smooth yet bittersweet soul piece performed as a duet with a lovely lady, dealing with a couple's mutual understanding of ending it all and going their separate ways; slowed and smooth further are his solo ballads of "No Alibi" (this one would be perfect for the soft rock radio channels) and the concluding cut, "More Than I Can Say To You". As for me, there's nothing more to say except that you should download this album and hear a real singer at work:

1. Who Do You Love?
2. Still Be Loving You
3. Live For Life
4. We Can Work It Out
5. Mary
6. Break Away
7. No Alibi
8. How Can You Know (When You Love Someone)?
9. You Satisfy Me
10. More Than I Can Say To You

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