Monday, April 2, 2018

Melo-Off My Chest (2008)


Yeah, this is something else that I have been meaning to get 'off my chest', as I continue my comeback with some music I selected from the r&b catalog but hadn't tuned in to yet. Once again, I return to my favorite Scandinavian country to bring you the delightful voice of a talented Swedish singer who calls himself Melo. If your ears ache for those smooth grooves with a marvelously soulful touch, then "Off My Chest" is what I prescribe for you now! In fact, I myself have just discovered my latest 'Slow Jam Of The Night' with Track #6's "Real Slow"; the title by itself clearly had already foreshadowed exactly that. For creating that trademark, late-evening bedtime glow that these 'Slow Jam Of The Night' pieces always offer, this beauty of a listen has it all: the un-rushed, downtempo beat; the lush vocals from deep within; that 'finger-snapping' effect amidst the thunderstorm/rain ambiance rumbling and pouring in the background; plus the seductive lyrics, which consist of one of my favorite lines from this whole album that goes ' if you're short on cash, i'll pay your way, baby '. Melo further takes it 'real slow' on my second favorite, "Anything Like Me", and presents it with a rather bluesy approach, as the song reveals his warnings to a woman who's walked away that she'll never find another better man. It's easy listening all the way when Melo is on the more upbeat side of things, whether it's the invitation he extends on the opener, "What Have We Got To Lose?", or the next time he extends an invitation for eternal love on Track #7's "Forever". I felt a bit teased when I tuned in to Track #4's "Caroline"; it really sounded like it would've evolved into a terrific song had it lasted beyond the two-and-a-half minute mark. And similarly, that goes for the title track itself, which is essentially an interlude of sorts with Melo confessing what's on his mind. With all of the nice r&b production that went into this album's first eleven songs&mash;especially on "Real Slow" and another one where he questions a lady's love on "What Is On Your Mind?"—it seemed only natural that a chilled instrumental groove would close out the entire show. That one is called "Organics", which is a fitting title for a breezy musical piece designed to be simple and sweet:

1. What Have We Got To Lose?
2. What's New?
3. Baby's Gotta Go
4. Caroline
5. Too Good.
6. Real Slow
7. Forever
8. Off My Chest
9. Anything Like Me
10. Moody Melo
11. What Is On Your Mind?
12. Organics

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