Friday, April 6, 2018

Windy-Windy (1999)


My weather forecast indicates that something real good has just blown in to "The Music Spectrum"! Still wanting to catch up with some of the numerous past music recommendations gifted to me, I took a few minutes out of my Friday evening to check out the tunes by a lovely pop/r&b songstress known professionally only as Windy. I like how she opted for the meteorological spelling of her name instead of the more common 'Wendy' that most women choose to spell it. And her name/spelling totally fits, as she brings it to you softly and sweetly on a number of great slow jams that are quiet storm radio worthy in addition to being candidates for your next 'Slow Jam Of The Night'. There's "You're What I Want (Creep With)"—a seductive, bedroom-perfect goodie that I felt coming on in first few seconds with the dreamy chords, the cool voice box thing going on and her hushed vocals. Then there's "Gotta Let You Go", which I declare as the #2 in ranking for 'Slow Jam Of The Night" and is such an easy one to get into. And then the concluding piece, "I Love You"—a simple song but one that sneaks up on you with her surprising high-soaring, soulicious vocals reaching into the stratosphere! Although even before the slow jams, I'd already been sold on Windy on the opener, "On The Strong", which sets the stage with a crisp r&b beat and her words of ' keep it comin' baby, if you really wanna do me baby ' setting the stage for the luscious themes that are to follow. Here's one that I found particularly luscious to my ears: "Come Back To Me". It's all in how she recites the months of the years as she earnestly proclaims to be faithful and expecting the man to be in her life, no matter how much time has passed or however long it takes. And I further enjoyed all of the ones that are fun and playful, whether it be "Eenie Meenie Minney Moe"—this one, in fact, is all about a man playing love games with her emotions, taking her love an then wanting to go—"Tender Love" (it is the chorus on this one, where she teases with her sweetly-sung 'tender, love and care', that makes this song fun) or "Did You Really?", where it's the man this time who gets played this time around. This album is chock full of the exact kind of 90's r&b that I love to indulge in, and my next weather forecast predicts that you'll be indulging in these savory songs yourself:

1. On The Strong
2. Eenie Meenie Minney Moe
3. Come Back To Me
4. Thought About It
5. Interlude (Thought About It)
6. You're What I Want (Creep With)
7. Summer Love
8. Tender Love
9. Gotta Let You Go
10. Hot Hot Hot
11. Baby Don't You Worry
12. Dedication: Thank You
13. Did You Really?
14. I Love You

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